Anatomical donor program

Andreas Prescher

Human body donations are prepared in our group for education and research:


Donated bodies are used for dissection classes that are offered to medical students and for continued education classes that are provided to medical personnel at all levels. We offer consultations for those who need expertise on all aspects of gross, histological and clinical anatomy.


Our major focus is on the musculoskeletal system and its anatomical variants using a large and constantly growing bone collection. In contrast to many other anatomical collections, we record age, sex, medical history and the origin of each specimen. In cooperation with forensic doctors and anthropologists, detailed anthropometric examinations are carried out. In the area of osteoarchaeology we have recently analyzed bones from nearby Melaten cemetery, where lepers are buried, and from Aachen Cathedral. In close cooperation with the trauma unit, orthopedists and with the dental and maxillofacial surgery department, biomechanical investigations are carried out and new surgical procedures are tested. Another key aspect of our work is the provision of specialized topographical and applied anatomical knowledge for ear, nose and throat medicine and skull base surgery. Finally, comparative anatomical and veterinary research is also performed in our group.